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Discover the Best Sandwiches in Maui 

Lahaina Sports Bar is the place to be to enjoy drinks, sports, sandwiches, and fun. Everything on our sandwich menu is served fresh with the best fries in Lahaina, Hawaii. We have dishes perfect for any appetite, from a French bread sandwich with lemongrass tofu to a decadent prime rib French dip. Stop on in and have a great time by yourself or with friends and family. We don't stop serving food until 1:00 a.m.


 Plate Description Price
14. Burger

Angus half pounder burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion served with incredibly crispy fries.

Add Bacon $1.50
Add Cheese $1.50
Add Chili $2.00
15. Hawaiian Bacon Grilled Cheese This community favorite includes Hawaiian sweet bread grilled with cheese and bacon. It is served with incredibly crispy fries. $13
16. BLT Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich served on wheat bread with mayo. It is served with incredibly crispy fries. $13
18. Prime Rib French Dip - New! Juicy rib-eye thinly sliced and Mozzarella cheese in fresh French bread served with au jus sauce, horseradish sauce, and incredible crispy fries. $19